Bliss Artist Management is owned and operated by Linda aka Bliss a self-made entertainment manager from the early '1990s. With the help of volunteers and family, she's able to keep business operating . In 2021 partening as Ambassador for The Gift Wellness company that focus on health and welness. We have participated in supported the youth efforts with our business partner Rashida Jabbar of J&R Grassroots Teen Artist Development Organization.  Partnering up with Moe Yeoman of Fresh Flava Entertainment to book and tour with major artists. I hold active memberships in the National Association of Black Female Executives in  Music & Entertainment (NABFEME).

We have collaborated with a host of entertainers/Promoters over the years such as Queen Aishah, Griff, Timmy Hall, Dee Shaw-Wesley, Ephraim Hicka, Tox Burner, Reign Chlyd, Liberty, B.B.S. and Pure Gold. We previously represented the following: Uniting the Elements, Powder, Justin Tyme, YRS Entertainment, BK Productions and DJ Nebula.  We currently represent DJ Sir Jamm, KayW0lf, Tabbo and NexXzit band.

     We market and promote our artist to all major music outlets online and street promotions depending on artist needs and budget. With the use of local and regional showcases putting them right in front of there fans. We offer to consult our clients in the areas of vocal coaching, copyrights, lyric sheets, and direct licensing rules. We've hosted artist showcases, ski weekend trips, and bus trips. We have participated as a judge for local talent competitions. 

     Bliss is the recent recipient of the BEST DMV ARTIST MANAGER 2019 award. Bliss is a nominated for THE BEST DMV PROMOTER by MAMA AWARDS MUSIC & MOVIE AWARDS 2023. Other awards and achievements are as follows: 2006 DMV TRAILBLAZER IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, 2003 HUMANITARIAN AWARD J&R GRASSROOTS AND MAGIC 102.3 VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR CERTIFICATE.